About Us and Our Vision

Micro Man was established 30 years ago and has grown from small beginnings into the leading and trusted IT distributor it is today. It is with great pride that we have established partnerships with leading international vendors such as , ADATA, Ubiquiti, MikroTik, Tenda, Linkbasic, Intel, Microsoft, among others. We have a network of enthusiastic and competent computer dealers who rely on us to advise them and bring them up to date technological solutions, at the best price with the best after-sales service and support.

Our relationships, with both suppliers and dealers, have been based on transparency and trust resulting in a solid base to move forward. Trust has been our hallmark throughout the years and will be well into the future. We take great pride in our staff who are dedicated and enthusiastic contributors to our success.  We have weathered and are weathering very trying times but when we look back it is the support of our customers and staff that have got us through. If we all continue to work together, we will all thrive. Like mountaineers, there are always summits to conquer!